Before the Flood

Leonardo Dicaprio’s film is truly scary – not in the usual horror film way, but because it truly captures the devastation already being wreaked on our world. Leonardo sets the scene with the allegory of Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights, where mankind is originally innocent, then enjoys earthly delights and then suffers in a hell – featuring a part with an uncanny resemblance to the Satantic Mills.

For those who want to hear about the devastating effects of climate change already, the causes, real solutions and fightback by figures including The Pope, Ban Ki Moon, Elon Musk and ordinary people, this is a must see.

Before the Flood was released by National Geographic – not for the cinema route but for home downloads. You can go to your Sky or Virgin download menu and search for ‘Before the Flood’ to view it for free. It can be viewed in sections – outlined below . hieronymus_bosch_-_the_garden_of_earthly_delights_-_the_exterior_shutters

The external doors of Hieronymous Bosch’s work, from the turn of the sixteenth century, depicted a green and serene world, hospitable to teeming life. Leonardo travels (offsetting travel carbon) showing the clear damage that we are doing to this benign ecosystem – our home.

The film is in sections:

The JourneyLeonardo DiCaprio and his team travel across the globe to witness first hand the devastating effects of climate change” You may want to move forward to view the solutions before you see this part – or you could find it hard to watch.

The ExpertsLeonardo DiCaprio meets with the world’s top climate scientists, energy experts, government leaders, and visionary entrepreneurs to learn about the reality of climate change and what can be done to solve it.

Explore the Crisis “Explore the science behind climate change, what’s causing it and the special interests that have been fighting progress on this critical issue.”

The SolutionsLearn more about the array of solutions to solve climate change.

Take ActionJoin a growing movement of people around the world who are working to keep their local communities safe from climate impacts.” And these actions include:

  • while our governments talk about the need for climate action, they’re handing out massive amounts of public money making the problem worse. Global giveaways to oil, gas, and coal companies to produce more fossil fuels total more than $444 billion per year. That’s nearly $1 million every minute.

    Sign petitions to politicians to STOP SUBSIDISING FOSSIL FUEL click here for one.

    Get your City to join the Compact of Mayors. “cities agree to perform a series of key activities within three years from the date of their commitment“. Click here for list of signed up Cities and here for London’s commitments60%reduction in GHG emissions by 2040

  • You can make a powerful statement by paying a voluntary “carbon tax” which goes to protecting critically important forests and coastal ecosystems.

    For American Carbon calculator click here, For a UK version click here.

    To use Ecosia as your search engine to plant trees to offset your search footprint click here.

  • The personal suggestions are the same as many people know already, and have an American flavour. They include:

    • LED light bulbs
    • Replace old appliances,
    • Adjust your thermostat up in warm months and down in cold ones
    • Use cold water for washing clothes, then line-dry them.
    • Recycle.
    • Consider getting solar panels for your home
    • Save on gas with an electric, hybrid, or super fuel-efficient car
    • Reduce your flight travel where you can
    • Buy less meat
    • Reduce your consumption of bottled water
    • Consider the global impact of acquiring more stuff.

And After the Flood?

Look for a coastal location on this map and move the slider to see how the flooding increases with devastation. 

We have reached 1°C rise above pre-industrial levels and worse is built into our fossil fuel consumption.


(Background New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina 2005)