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The Muswell Hill Sustainability Group has an exciting programme of autumn events see here

The Highgate take on the transition to electric vehicles was held on 15th Nov 2018 with the slides and a link to a more in depth web page here.

Series of cafe events to watch ‘Demain‘ and talk about different topics

1st Food – was on Mon 30th Nov at The Grafton, Kentish Town

2nd: Energy – was on Tues 9th Jan at The Vine, Kentish Town

Domestic energy reduction
Switch to Green electricity and gas
Electric cars - part of the Grid
London Energy is Changing
UK Energy is Changing
Moving your money from fossil fuel to clean energy
Paris Agreement - Good News and Bad News
Lobby for Laws to reduce Greenhouse Gases

Click here for Energy Efficiency Grants from Camden Council

The Energy session encouraged people to do what they can to reduce energy use and be part of the move from fossil fuel energy to renewable energy.

3rd: Transport was on 29th Jan 2018 at The Grafton, Kentish Town.

4th: New Economy was on Mon 23rd April at The Grafton, Kentish Town. Frances Northrup of the New Economics Foundation talked about a more participatory local politics and bottom up democracy.

5th: Education was on Mon 21st May 2018 at The Grafton Kentish Town. It explored what Education was for, how we eductae for active citizenship and who decides on the curriculum.

Ongoing: Free Electric Vehicle trials

Wood Green businesses and residents can trial an electric vehicle (for free) for up to one week. To find out more or to book a trial contact us on 020 8489 3489 or email And check as these may be open to people in other parts of Haringey too.

You can currently choose from:

Drivers will need to hold a full driving licence and adhere to insurance requirements.

Trials are subject to vehicle availability. See below for event produced specifically for local businesses. For more information visit

STOP PRESS on charging points in Islington.

Fast chargers on St John’s and Giesbach Road are now installed along with a rapid charger on Pemberton Gardens (a rapid charger can give an 80% boost in just 30mins compared to a couple of hours using a fast charger) – one of the first of its kind in the borough. ” See Going Green in Pooterland for more details.

Shell have installed one of its first forecourt rapid charging points in its Holloway petrol station. According to Air Quality news  “Shell has been collaborating with Transport for London (TfL) to introduce the charging points, in line with the London Mayor’s drive for a Zero Emission capital by 2050.”


Recent Events:

ENLARGING THE EDMONTON ENERGY FROM WASTE PLANT:Why so large and how will it affect recycling in North London ?- 12th July 2017

The meeting discussed:

  • the rationale for such a massive increase in capacity at the plant
  • the effect will this have on recycling rates
  •  alternative waste technologies that could cut emissions and increase reycling

Further information:
Quentin Given
Norman Beddington


When: Mon 17th July 2017

Electric Vehicles – A Realistic Alternative? Hosted by the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group.

Source: Greenwatt Sustainable Solutions

Source: Greenwatt Sustainable Solutions

Sydney Charles of Transition Highgate spoke on progress at national, London-wide and Haringey levels in supporting a transition to electric vehicles.

Friedbert Meinert, product designer, spoke from first-hand experience of owning a Nissan Leaf and Heisenberg state-of-the-art electric bike.

Gillian Cox of Haringey attended. She announced the Neighbourhoods of the Future web site at This explains Haringey initiatives, such as options for trialling electric vehicles and getting free reviews for businesses.

email to express an interest in these services. Also residents can email suggestions for new locations for charging points to


Project Dirt has a full list of events coming up. See here for details.