XR Action – Sept 2020

XR has planned a programme of actions in the first week of September 2020, with a focus on demanding that the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill is passed by Parliament. See here for the full details of the bill.

“A Bill to Require the Prime Minister to ensure that the United Kingdom achieves specified objectives in tackling the climate and ecological emergency; to give the Secretary of State a duty to create and implement a  strategy to achieve those  objectives; to establish a Citizens’ Assembly to work with the Secretary of State in creating that strategy; to give duties to the Committee on Climate Change regarding the objectives and the strategy; and for connected purposes.”

For information about the programme of XR’s events go to the Rebellion Timeline.

XR has compiled a comprehensive paper Emergency on Planet Earth (145 pages) to inform Rebels and everyone the Rebels can talk to. The paper explains the causes of global warming and ecological damage. It despairs at the lack of action – indeed the subsidies and direct support for fossil fuels.

It answers the questions of those unsure about the link between increasing disasters such as flooding. hurricanes, heatwaves, forest fires, water shortages and collapse of ice sheets.

It demands that, rather than the promised net zero by 2050 (that we are not on track for) the UK needs to get net zero emissions by around 2025 to stay within our allocated and fair budget.

For those that don’t want to venture to protests during these Covid times, XR can be supported by donations from the XR web site and/or lobbying your MP .