Local Groups

There are several groups and organisations in North London concerned about the quality of life and the threat of Climate Change. Joining forces and working together with these and with National and International groups  magnifies our people power.

Camden Air Action is active around North London and also within the local Transition Groups:

The Super Transition group in north London consists of:

These Transition groups are coming together to tackle issues such as London Pollution and for strength in lobbying.

See also Transition Highbury – “We meet, garden and run a Green on the Screen documentary season.

Other local groups involved with ‘green’ initiatives include:

Muswell Hill Sustainability Group (MHSG) “to support and promote a more sustainable future, to raise awareness of climate change and to encourage people in Muswell Hill and surrounding areas to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050.”

Highgate Society Sustainable Homes group. we have created the 21Century Homes concept on events that showcase local and national products with the theme of ‘character, comfort and low carbon

Highgate Neighbourhood Forum (HNF) HNF has Community Action Groups to take action on various topics around Highgate including:
– Small local open spaces and community gardening
– Community Energy Projects

Camden CanCamden Climate Action Network (CamdenCAN) is a network of individuals, community groups, voluntary organisations and businesses in Camden taking action on climate change. We’re passionate about cutting Camden’s carbon footprint down to size.”

Going Green in Pooter Land is a Blog centered around Green issues of interest around Archway, Tuffnell Park, Finsbury Park, Highgate and Holloway.

Project Dirt is “a “doing” network, showcasing what’s happening in your communities. Why? So that people and projects can engage with each other, as well as the organisations looking to resource them.”

Power Up North London (PUNL) “Following in the steps of community groups in Brixton and Hackney, we are hoping to generate locally owned renewable energy and use the profits to benefit our community.”

Brent Pure Energy “An exciting and innovative community-based project to bring cheap, renewable energy to our part of London.”