What is the EU doing?

The EU has legislation covering several aspects of Climate Change and Air Quality. Many of the causes of one are also the causes of the other. For instance vehicles are a major cause of localised pollution and also of CO2 emissions – from well and factory to road. Therefore many solutions that reduce Greenhouse Gases also reduce Pollution.


The EU co-ordinates and drives the Climate Change and Air Quality actions of its 28 member states and is a major player in the Conference of the Parties global agreements and pledges to limit global warming. Currently the EU is attempting to gain agreement to ‘Higher Ambition’ to try to limit global warming to 1.5°C. This will require agreement across all the EU states, in a period when the UK government has gone backward on many carbon reducing initiatives.

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The EU has not yet achieved full coverage of aspects such as International Aviation and the legality of car manufacturers selling polluting vehicles.

Would the 28 countries, without the EU, have made better progress to improve Air Quality and limit Climate Change?