Film: Urban Permaculture & Monthly Meeting

Join us on Tuesday 26th June at 7pm for our weekly Film Screening and Social upstairs at The Bull. This week we’ll be watching a short (30mins) inspirational film about Urban Permaculture before going into our monthly meeting.

“Bill Mollison is a practical visionary. For nearly two decades [Ed: now four!] he has travelled the globe spreading the word about permaculture, the method of sustainable agriculture that he devised. Permaculture weaves together microclimate, annual and perennial plants, animals, soils, water management and human needs into intricately connected productive communities. Mollison has proved that even in the most difficult conditions permaculture empowers people to turn wastelands into food forests. Global Gardener is a series of four half-hour programs. We’ll be showing the ‘Urban’ episode where Bill visits New York City and Harare, Zimbabwe.”

Transition Highgate Film Screening and Social
Film: Bill Mollison’s Global Gardener Series – Urban
Followed by the Transition Highgate Monthly Meeting
Tuesday 26th June, 7pm @ The Bull, Highgate
13 North Hill, London N6 4AB
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