What can any of us do about climate change?

On 15th Nov 2015 Mike Berners-Lee, author of the Burning Question, and consultant at Small World Consulting spoke at the bi-annual Budgett-Meakin lecture at the Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution.

The full set of his slides are here: Highgate CBM lecture MBL 151122.

Of particular note was Mike’s schematic explaining the breakdown of all the Greenhouse Gases, showing the particular threat from the fossil fuels. he also broke down the contribution of producing the food we eat, that, by itself requires vast quantities of fuel.

Highgate CBM lecture MBL 151122 Greenhouse Gases

Referring to the importance of the PARIS COP21 Mike summarised what needs to happen there to avoid the consequences he lays out.

Highgate CBM lecture MBL 151122 what needs to happen