The UK drifts off into uncharted waters

Whilst the UK slips away from the EU efforts to protect the planet, the world continues to turn and global warming continues to go up and up, wreaking the devastation predicted.

The EU has been co-ordinating pledges across the 28 members, providing grants, loans, shared research and common standards. Now the UK (and/or England, Scotland, N Ireland and Wales separately) must now write, or rewrite mountains of legislation taking years, using hundreds of bureaucrats and most of parliamentary attention. The Centre for European Reform in July 2016 identified 6 interlocking sets of negotiations before we have slipped anchor:

  • “One set of talks will cover Britain’s legal separation from the EU”
  • “the second a free trade agreement (FTA) with the EU”
  • “the third interim cover for the UK between its departure from the EU and the entry into force of the FTA”
  • “the fourth accession to full membership of the WTO
  • “the sixth co-operation on foreign, defence and security policies.”

And will legislation protecting our Air and reducing our carbon emissions be ‘highly ambitious’ or forgotten?

Carbon emissions and air pollution know no boundaries and actions by the biggest emitters – India and China and the USA will make the most difference. The UK is small and people will say that our contribution is unimportant. But our future relies on innovation and influence. If we allow Climate Change to be shelved until a convenient time other countries may follow our lead. If we co-operate across borders and unleash the best of our innovation and entrepreneurship we can make a difference.

The UK in a Brexit world goes through some of the EU legislation that must be undone/redone and has information about the UK’s formal commitments and reliance on EU financial services to combat Climate Change.

Brexit: What does it mean for the environment? Click here for a podcast of this Castle talk of  26th Sept 2016.