Transition Highgate supports Extinction Rebellion

Since Extinction Rebellion burst onto the International stage members of Transition Highgate have leapt to its banner and are supporting the aims of demanding that politicians take emergency action to minimise climate damage as soon as possible.

On 30th January members listened to the talk by Millie Guest with slides illustrating the grave and imminent danger we are in and the means that Extinction Rebellion is taking to spread knowledge amongst the people and policitians. Millie also talked about her role in planning the UK school children’s Fridays for Future strikes.

On 13th April, the Muswell Hill Sustainability Group held a ‘Die in’ for Extinction Rebellion.

representing ‘WHEN HOPE DIES’. It was followed by ‘ACTION BEGINS’ public meeting where the Haringey Low Carbon officer gave a talk on how Haringey will bring forward its Zero by 2050 programme to adapt to the Climate Emergency that Haringey Council has declared. Click Joe Baker Climate Ext April 19.

This was during the build up to Extinction Rebellion’s International Rebellion Week. In London rebels took over Oxford Circus, Waterloo Bridge, Parliament Square and Marble Arch from the 15th April – causing inconvenience to motorists and triggering ineffectual arrests.

sums up the scene at the Marble Arch camp on the Saturday, where Sue captured the ill boding figure looming over us. Sydney recorded the moment at Oxford Circus on the Saturday when Police surrounded the iconic Pink Boat, ready to haul it away amidst mourning later that day.

To support Extinction Rebellion

Show the Extinction Rebellion video/slideshow to friends, neighbours and communities who can choose how they can rebel against the “5% chance that temperature rises above 5˚C, by 2050 which could cause human extinction.”

Support Extinction Rebellion and join with members across the world for International Rebellion Week starting 15th April 2019.

Learn about the importance of the ‘Paris pledges‘ and demand that the UK stops subsidising fossil fuels immediately, prioritises all means of decarbonisation above short term pressures  and offers the most ambitious pledges possible to the UN Climate Summit on 23rd Sept 2019.