What does the EU do to combat climate breakdown and environmental damage?

As a new set of MEPs take their seats in the EU Parliament it is timely to be aware of how the EU works to co-ordinate climate breakdown action across the 28 member states, Many of the changes that should be made to address the increase in global carbon intensity also address the pollution of our air, water and land.

Whether the UK remains in the EU or leaves soon, the makeup of the Parliament will affect the speed (or not) of addressing climate breakdown. “With their tally of MEPs surging to 70 from 51 in the last parliament, the Greens group will have roughly the same clout in the 751-seat assembly as the far-right populists led by Italy’s interior minister, Matteo Salvini – and a much better chance of using it. ” is a hopeful message in the Guardian May 28th.

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