Local Groups

There are many groups and organisations in North London concerned about the quality of life and the threat of Climate Change. Joining forces and working together with these and with National and International groups  magnifies our people power.


Community Strength working towards a Green Recovery

Join a local group to help Build Back Better from the disruptions and unprecedented changes  triggered by the pandemic but foretelling of the much worse and imminent crisis approaching as Climate Breakdown accelerates.

‘Building Back Better’ needs a much wider understanding of wellbeing than just GDP leading to the continuous growth that is inexorably leading to Climate Breakdown and planetary pollution. There are groups in Highgate that work on Environmental Health, Society and Equity, Nature and Food, Health and Wellbeing, Homes and Neighbourhoods, Education and Self Fulfilment, Arts and Creativity and Friendship/Community and sense of belonging. Supporting these is a valuable step to ‘doing your bit’ and contacts in these categories are at Highgate groups for building back better .

Would you be keen to help Transition Highgate become more active? Contact charlesmachynys@btinternet.com 

There is also a Super Transition group in north London consisting of:

These Transition groups are coming together to tackle issues such as London Pollution and for strength in lobbying.

See also Transition Highbury – “We meet, garden and run a Green on the Screen documentary season.