United we stand, Divided we fall.

It is only by pooling our efforts and joining with other local, national and global groups can our voices be heard. Below are like minded  lobbying groups for the UK and for world solutions. Interest Groups set up around a specialist aspect can be effective in lobbying. See Non-Parties Interest Groups for some examples.

People to Lobby from the UK

Write to your (UK) representatives – “Enter postcode, choose representative, write message, send message.” See also They Work for you” to check what your MP is doing in Parliament. The more messages your representatives have about Climate Change the more likely it is for them to take up the cause.

UK and Worldwide Lobbying Organisations

 The Climate Coalition – “The Climate Coalition, with our sister organisations Stop Climate Chaos Cymru and Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, is the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change and limiting its impact on the world’s poorest communities. The combined supporter base of our 100 member organisations is more than 11 million people across the UK.”

350.org “The number 350 means climate safety: to preserve a livable planet, scientists tell us we must reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere from its current level of 400 parts per million to below 350 ppm.

We believe that a global grassroots movement can hold our leaders accountable to the realities of science and the principles of justice. That movement is rising from the bottom up all over the world, and is uniting to create the solutions that will ensure a better future for all.”

38 Degrees – A UK wide organisation. “With 38 Degrees, you can start a petition on any issue that’s close to your heart. It only takes a few minutes to get started.”

AVAAZ   “The Avaaz community campaigns in 15 languages, served by a core team on 6 continents and thousands of volunteers. We take action — signing petitions, funding media campaigns and direct actions, emailing, calling and lobbying governments, and organizing “offline” protests and events — to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people inform the decisions that affect us all.”

Guardian Keep it in the Ground campaign – “The Guardian is calling on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust to divest from fossil fuels. We explain here everything you need to know about the campaign and why we are doing it.”

 Greenpeace – “Climate change isn’t inevitable. We have the knowledge, skills and technologies to get ourselves out of this difficult situation. All over the world people have woken up to the threat, and are working to reduce the use of fossil fuels, stop rainforest destruction and get power from clean energy. Still much more needs to be done.”

Friends of the Earth campaign to stop Climate Change, as well as Saving the Arctic, Defending the Oceans, Defending the Forests, Eliminating Toxins and fighting Fracking.

Power for all – “Renewable, distributed, and democratized energy is a critical part of providing universal energy access to billions of people—and it doesn’t have to wait. Transforming the world energy outlook requires a shift in the way we think about energy; all sectors of society have a role to play. Learn what you can do or read our white paper.

Power for All is a collective of public and private organizations dedicated to delivering universal energy access before 2030. Join us!

Citizens Climate Lobby in the USA campaigns for a Carbon Fee and Dividend approach to favouring low carbon energy. This would “impose a carbon fee on all fossil fuels and other greenhouse gases at the point where they first enter the economy……Equal monthly per-person dividend payments shall be made to all American households” This would increase prices of high carbon products, enabling citizens to benefit from the payments by choosing low carbon products.