It is easy to think that Climate Change is such a large complex problem that an individual is helpless. But we can take actions that, together are powerful:

As Citizens we can LOBBY those in power. And we can join forces with like minded groups.

We can learn more about the issues to concentrate on the vital ones and to counter misinformation.

As ELECTRICITY USERS we can choose low carbon contracts, support renewable generation and choose low power appliances.

As HOME OWNERS we can reduce our demand by insulating our homes and turning the heat down. As Tenants we can ask landlords to do this.

As CONSUMERS we can choose low energy products.

As FOOD SHOPPERS we can choose food that uses low carbon to produce. (note food miles can sometimes be better than excessive use of heat). As garden owners we can grow our own food.

As TRAVELLERS we can choose low carbon means of travel, cars with minimum impact.

As PENSION FUND and INVESTMENT OWNERS we can Divest from companies who extract Fossil Fuels and search for more reserves. We can Re-invest in companies who provide renewable energy, or innovative products to reduce energy use.

See the accompanying pages for links and explanation of how you can take these actions.