Cover your face against Covid

My mask protects you, your mask protects me.

“Face masks could offer an important tool for contributing to the management of community transmission of Covid19 within the general population. Evidence supporting their potential effectiveness comes from analysis ………………” from Face Masks for the General Public by the Royal Society DELVE initiative May 2020. (An earlier document was communicated to SAGE in April 2020.

For a pacey walk through of the maths see here.

For evidence sources, including the spice fabric test, see lower down.

Home made face coverings – from unskilled to advanced

Don’t try this at home
– a comedy sewing machine project ‘my sister-in-law said that anyone could make a face covering‘!                                                Click here.

Below are many ways of making a DIY face covering, ranging from cutting the ends off a sock to precise patterns for medical grade masks for the experienced seamstresses (and seammasters!).

Background and History of face coverings in a pandemic

Lessons from a previous pandemic – 1918 in America.
San Franciscans wearing masks in 1918. “anyone seen not wearing a gauze face covering was subject to fines that ranged from $5 to $100 and the possibility of 10 days’ imprisonment.”

The campaign for face coverings

Matt Pattison CEO & Founder at TEN interviews the founders of Masks4All, Dr Helen Davison, Dr Finola O’Neill and Dr Jon Fluxman here (26mins).

Masks4All want the UK Government to follow the science and recommend that everyone wears face coverings when our of their house. “lets make it fun and trendy and catch on as quickly as it did in Czechoslavakia”.

My mask protects you, your mask protects me