Phones, browsers, PCs and other tech choices

Your Mobile Phone

Mobile phones require mining of rare earth metals, have limited repair capabilities and increasingly employees have to have a second phone just for work.

The Fair Phone  is built by an ethical company that sources metals from fairtrade sources, can be repaired to cut down on new production and has two sim card slots to so that only one phone has to be produced for both work and personal use.

The Phone Co-op sells these for £425 with PAYG starting at £2 a month or a contract for £45 a month.

Your PC

Very PC creates sustainable desktop PCs. Green PC says

We select materials and design for energy efficiency to keep the embedded and operational CO2 emissions way way down. European aluminium hasn’t travelled half way round the world to be made into chassis’ right here in Yorkshire. Components are selected for low toxicity and the power supply is optimised to ensure the best possible energy efficiency in operation without compromising on computing performance. Every Broadleaf One purchased includes the free option to offset the already small carbon overhead.”

Your Browser

Google says that, one active month of using google equates to driving a car one mile. They add that, with carbon offsets they are carbon neutral.

The alternative is Ecosia, who has planted over 4 million trees using ad revenues from searches. Ecosia has programmes for planting trees in many countries, including Burkina Faso and also provides Solar and efficient cookers in Madagascar.

Ecosia has to be downloaded  and can be used as your default browser.

Make Ecosia your default search engine in Chrome

Make Ecosia your default search engine in Firefox

Make Ecosia your default search engine in Safari