Non Parties – Cities and Sub-National Bodies

Cities and other bodies with powers delegated by Governments have varying ability to reduce carbon emissions.

eg London

For instance London  has signed up with the Non-State Actor Zone for Climate Action (NAZCA) to:

  • “Reduce greenhouse gas emissions, report publicly and annually on progress and prepare for the impacts of climate change”
  • “Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 20% by 2020 through the implementation of a Sustainable Energy Action Plan adopted in Council and report on progress every two years”
  • “Double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency by 2030”
  • “Reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 percent by 2050 or sooner”
  • “Reduce emissions from the transportation sector and improve air quality through the introduction of low and ultimately zero emission buses in fleets”

The list of signatories of L’Appel de Paris  includes the London Assembly, London Stock Exchange Group and the London Borough of Southwark.

This is covered by the London Response to Climate Change Ch 5 of the London Plan.