Your Country’s climate actions – enough to stop a 1.5˚C rise in global temperatures?

Concerned citizens in every Country need to study their own (I)NDC and their own Government measures to reach and exceed their targets to contribute to reductions to keep to 1.5˚C from pre-industrial levels.

The starting figures for emissions per Country as at 12th Dec 2015 is held here. The top 5 Countries for percentage of global greenhouse gas emissions reported by 2015 are:

  • China (20.09%)
  • United States of America (17.89%)
  • Russian Federation (7.53%)
  • India (4.1%)
  • Japan (3.79%)

The UK is at 11th position of GHG emissions, with 1.55% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon Action Tracker Dec 2018 assessment the pledges of 32 Countries


The world has to rely on activists in the Countries with the most emissions, yet with insufficient pledges and targets, to have the most impact.

Where these very important people have little experience of getting their Government to change course what can activists in other countries do to help them?

Tracking commitments and actions
The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) is an independent science-based assessment body, which tracks Government emission commitments and actions, and how they aggregate to limit higher temperatures.

The Climate Action Tracker (CAT) “estimate of the total warming of the aggregate effect of Paris Agreement commitments and of real-world policy shows little change. If all governments achieved their Paris Agreement commitments the world will likely warm 3.0°C—twice the 1.5°C limit they agreed in Paris.”

A crucial question we answer is whether the combined effect of the individual national pledges is sufficient to ensure that global emissions are on a pathway consistent with the Paris Agreement temperature goal. In addition, based on a wide range of effort-sharing principles, we rate each individual country’s pledge against the range of emission levels they should aim for in the framework of a global pathway consistent with Paris.”

Carbon Brief also started a post Covid tracker collecting Countries Green Recovery Plans. in June 2020.